Company Profile

PT. Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir commonly known as JNE is one of the biggest express delivery and logistic companies in Indonesia, thanks to its network and scope of distribution area covering over 83,000 cities, including regencies, villages and outermost islands, with over 8,000 points of selling counters and employing over 50,000 employees throughout Indonesia.

Vision & Mission


Becoming a Leading Indonesian Logistic Company with Global Competitiveness.


To Provide Excellent Customer Experience Consistently.

History & Milestone

Established at November 26, 1990, PT Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) has been serving the community mainly in time-sensitive import delivery through the 'Rush Handling' warehouse. Consistently fast, responsible and reliable service has brought JNE into a higher credibility for customers and partners.


JNE released '''Roket''', an application based instant courier service assuring estimated delivery within 1 hour. This service is already available in 54 cities or JNE Branches.


JNE initiated building a big scale automatic sorting center called Mega Hub at Bandara Mas, Cengkareng, Tangerang, on a 4-hectar land. The '''Mega Hub''' was projected to process 1 million package per day.


JNE built 'E-fulfillment' in some branches as an integrated business solution for Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSMEs) business players, especially brand owners, selling online.


JNE launched a multi-purpose android-based application '''MY JNE''' that helped customers check shipment rate, trace package location, nearby counter location, and sale and purchase transaction places between individual buyer and seller.


JNE focused on increasing the capacity and capability of its physical and technological infrastructures in anticipation of the rapid growth of online shopping transactions via marketplace and the digital lifestyle trend in Indonesia.


Released a new logo under the brand “JNE EXPRESS”.


To strengthen its selling network, JNE introduced a drop point system called “Takuhaibin”. JNE greatly made use of call shops (Wartel) flourishing at that time to open Takuhaibin, and this was the pioneer of JNE Agents with over 8,000 points throughout Indonesia in 2022.


JNE started initiating domestic delivery service by opening selling counter at Jl. Tomang No. 3, Jakarta Barat.


PT. Tiki Jalur Nugraha Ekakurir is officially established

Company Values


We are fortifying our self-foundations. Honesty is the cornerstone of a good name and reputation.


We uphold the dignity of the organization by behaving punctually, demonstrating commitment, and mutually reminding one another.


We execute what has been planned and is incumbent upon us. Without exception. To the fullest extent, to the best of our abilities.


We exceed customer expectations. One step ahead in service, speed, and certainty.

Board of Directors

Chandra Fireta



To provide customers with the best experience as an obligation in serving, work and grow continuously to improve the Company’s qualities to become a master domestically and a global company, and to always be grateful to God, pray and keep on struggling to generate happiness.
Mohamad Feriadi

President Director


Quote of Life
Life is very short and therefore we have to be trustworthy, do a lot of good things, help each other, give more and obediently perform the directions from Allah.

Quote JNE
JNE contributes for this nation and State’s development by providing the public with solutions in order to make life better and less difficult.

Quote JNE to Customer
It is JNE’s principle that the customers are kings and we are always consistent in serving and maintaining good relationships with the customers and (people in) the vicinity.
Edi Santoso



Quote of Life
Life in this world is so short compared to the life after, so do good things to prepare for it.

Quote JNE
To keep JNE growing and move on mean that we maintain our own survival and families.

Quote JNE to Customer
Without the customers JNE would not exist. Providing the customers with the best services is the responsibility of all JNE’s employees.

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